#Obesity is one of the major health issues affecting the population in the US. It is directly linked to the risk of developing #Hypertension and #Diabetes. Consider lifestyle changes like a #healthy #balanced #diet and regular #exercise to fight obesity.

#Earlobe #Rejuvenation can be achieved with the conservative and balanced injection of #HyaluronicAcid #DermalFillers in the various planes of volume loss, with care not to over-inject and to maintain the anatomic shape of the lobe. Pictures are before and immediately after the procedure.

Heart Disease is the Number 1 Cause of Death for Women in the United States, killing almost 300,000 women in 2017. In order to decrease your risk of Heart Disease, please follow these general recommendations:
* Exercise 30 min daily at least 3 days/week
* Eat a healthy, balanced diet, low in fat and processed foods
* Avoid drinking excess alcohol
* Stop cigarette smoking
* Manage stress by practicing Coping Techniques