#Obesity is one of the major health issues affecting the population in the US. It is directly linked to the risk of developing #Hypertension and #Diabetes. Consider lifestyle changes like a #healthy #balanced #diet and regular #exercise to fight obesity.

#Heart #Disease is the #1 Cause of Death in Women (all ages and ethnicities) in the U.S., with 22% of all women deaths yearly being due to it. Visit your #Primary #Care doctor every year and implement #Lifestyle modifications that can help reduce your risk of heart disease: #healthy #diet, adequate #sleep, daily #activity and #exercise, and #Stress #Reduction.
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Heart Disease is the Number 1 Cause of Death for Women in the United States, killing almost 300,000 women in 2017. In order to decrease your risk of Heart Disease, please follow these general recommendations:
* Exercise 30 min daily at least 3 days/week
* Eat a healthy, balanced diet, low in fat and processed foods
* Avoid drinking excess alcohol
* Stop cigarette smoking
* Manage stress by practicing Coping Techniques

How does Kidney Stone Surgery (Ureteroscopy) Work? And How To Prevent more Stones??

Kidney Stone Diet:
1) Drink 4-5 Liters of Water a day (10-12 16 oz bottles)
2) Drink 4 Oz Citrus Juice Daily (Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit)
3) Low Salt, Low Sugar Diet
4) Plant based Diet (Avoid Animal Proteins: Chicken, Fish, Beef, Lamb, etc)
5) Avoid Items Like Chocolate, Spinach, Nuts, etc** (For those with Calcium Oxalate Stones)


How Does Kidney Stone Surgery (Ureteroscopy) Work? And How to Prevent Kidney Stones? / YouTube

This is a short video discussing a surgical procedure called Ureteroscopy. A ureteroscope is a small camera that is used to navigate through the ureter tube ...