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On this day, physicians can be grateful to be part of a long lineage of giants. This is a beautiful oath to review from time to time to remind ourselves we still belong to a great profession. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Oath Of Maimonides

Doqter’s Lounge features physician-led content on Physician Entrepreneurship, Autonomy and Empowerment.

#Acne is one of the most common #Skin conditions worldwide. #Pore #Occlusion and #Plugging by excess skin oils and make-up can trigger #AcneFlares and lead to pustules, cysts and, eventually, #Scars. That is why the single most important step in the #Treatment AND #Prevention of #Acne is proper and regular #Face #Washing, 2 to 3 times a day.

Happy Thanksgiving from dermsd! 2020 has been a rough year, but there's still so much to be thankful for! Have a safe, healthy, happy holiday!!

#Social #Anxiety can be very stressful for children and can prevent them from making friends and performing well in school. Never hesitate to bring your child to the #Pediatrician or #ChildPsychiatrist if you notice him/her to be sad, not have friends in school, or have difficulties with academic performance. A proper evaluation can help make the correct diagnosis, determine the best treatment, and set him/her on the path to good #Mental #Health and fulfilling life experiences.

#Colon #Cancer is the second leading cause of Cancer Deaths in the U.S. There are a number of #Screening tests that your doctor can recommend, depending on your age, as well as your personal and/or family history of colon cancer. #Colonoscopy, the #FIT test to check for blood in stool, and the stool #DNA test are some options available. Early colon cancer detection can dramatically increase the patient's chance of survival.

If you’re bothered by volume loss, down-turned mouth corners, fine lines and wrinkles, you may want to consider dermal filler. It’s quick, easy and results are immediate!
#dermsd #drjasonlupton #hafiller #juvederm #restylane #versa #radiesse #beauty #antiaging #wrinklefighting #aesthetic #wrinklefree #dermalfiller #lunchtimelift #lunchtimemakeovers #instantresults #rejuvenate #treatyoself

Melinda Smith, M.D.
Such dramatic change!! Beautiful!
Leyda Bowes, M.D.
Gorgeous, natural results!!

We're totally loving this temperature cool down, but it really does a number on our skin. Dry, cracked heels and crocodile elbows simply won't do! Gently and invisibly exfoliate with our #dermsd urea/glycolic cream. Your heels will thank you!!

The role of intestinal (gut) bacteria has been fascinating. Gut bacteria have been shown to boost the immune system. Researchers from the University of Chicago have discovered that the bacterium Bifidobacterium helped boost the immune system in mice to such a degree that its effectiveness was comparable to anti-cancer drugs. Researchers are confident that future studies will show the same effect in human cancer patients.

#Subcission followed by #fillers can offer a significant improvement in the appearance of #acne #scars.

Melinda Smith, M.D.
Very nice results!

#Obesity is one of the major health issues affecting the population in the US. It is directly linked to the risk of developing #Hypertension and #Diabetes. Consider lifestyle changes like a #healthy #balanced #diet and regular #exercise to fight obesity.

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