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NOTE: Due to the urgency of the COVID-19 response, we are offering our platform to physicians at no charge. America’s First Medical Professional Social Media Site! myDoqter™’s innovative Professional-Social (procial) platform matches patients with top physicians and provides a trusted network of physicians, leading medicine into the future. Our physicians are trained in the U.S. medical school paradigm and to be a "myDoqter™ qualified" doctor, our physicians have submitted documentation demonstrating their credentials. We do all the hard work so you can search with confidence and ease.

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myDoqter™ is for patients and physicians, helping patients to find the best physician and enabling physicians to market their practice.
It’s all about Procial (professional-social) connections!
Create a FREE profile and make it shine with photos and videos of you practice and skills. Link your PA’s and NP’s under your profile. Manage your calendar and office needs in the most cost-effective way.
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Patients can make FREE portable health profiles to share with the doctors of their choosing, complete office paperwork online scheduling an appointment is one of the many features from which patients who use myDoqter™'s benefits.
myDoqter™ provides my patients with a very fast and effective way to book their appointments, both as New Patients and Follow-Ups. It frees my staff and operators’ time, and allows them to focus on the personalized care to our patients Ramon Castellanos, MD Physiatrist
Join myDoqter™ today! Belong to a trusted network of physicians and patients leading medicine into the future. We are maintaining quality and restoring physician oversight in medicine through technology. Take part in innovating an ethical, transparent and patient-driven healthcare platform.
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