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myDoqter allows you to schedule appointments with the physician of your choice at a time that is convenient for you.

We know that calling a doctor’s office can be a time consuming process. Our online scheduling is convenient and fast. Pick a date and time that fits your schedule, fill out your paperwork, and message your doctor - is it as easy as it sounds!


Physician Network

At myDoqter, we believe that you should have access to a network of qualified physicians.

As a patient, choosing a trusted physician is essential when it comes to your health. This is why our qualified physicians have successfully been confirmed and can be easily identified by a checkmark next to their name on their profile. We believe in the highest standards of medical education, and that is why we have also implemented a peer-review system in our platform. We let physicians review other physicians so that you can search with confidence for qualified doctors.


Get Procial!

Search and follow doctors and their feed of health topics that matter to you.

Our innovative professional-social (Procial) feed allows physicians to post the latest medical news and content so patients can access the most up-to-date medical news straight from the experts. When you are overwhelmed with information, come to myDoqter for reliable information curated by America's doctors!


Take Charge of
Your Health

Be on top of your health game! myDoqter makes it easy to address your health-related concerns and schedule your annual exams, vaccines, or screenings.

Are you tired of the lack of centralization and interconnectivity among your doctors? Are you nervous about your medical information being shared all over the internet? We are working on solutions to put you in control and allow you to save your health profile in a centralized location so you can share it safely with your doctors.